Studio Supernova will join Essen SPIEL 2021 for the first international game fair! Come to talk and play with us at hall 2 booth A133, from 14 to 17 october 2021!

We will present:


DREAMEMBER (Ignazio Panades) - Van Gogh limited edition - 

2-6 players, age 10+, 20'

A game of words and bluff, where players try to recall the word of a dream, playing letter cards from their hand. The first player to empty their hand, finds the word and wins the game!


2 players, age 8+, 10'

A game of movement and entrapment, where you need to knot the right paths to trap the opponent: the spider who can't move dance anymore loses the Dance of Spiders!


The whole XVgames catalogue will also be available at our booth, including Reiner Knizia's Chartae, NIJU by Nestor Romeral Andres, RRR by Seiji Kanai and many others!




Studio Supernova parteciperà alla sua prima fiera internazionale dal 14 al 17 ottobre all' Essen SPIEL 2021 ! Venite a trovarci allo stand 2A133!